Bye Bye RRTY

RRTY= Randonneur Round the Year, it is a fairly simple concept of an award run by Audax UK:  You ride 1 calendar (organised ride on a specific date), permanent (set route/ride, but on a date of your choosing) or DIY (route and date dictated by yourself, but meeting specific criteria) event of at least 200km for 12 months consecutively.  Simples.  WeContinue reading “Bye Bye RRTY”

Trying to Ride Bicycles in Winter

It’s been a tough old winter, and without ranting on about the obvious reasons (which I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing of!), it’s feeling like a long one too… Today is another day we are planning to ride our bicycles and another day of uninspiring weather and the challenges winter brings: weather, daylight, morale,Continue reading “Trying to Ride Bicycles in Winter”

A Festive 500km: Part 2, Stevie

In part one Laura has finished her festive 500km utilising her cycle commutes to work to get the miles in, but this has left Stevie struggling to get the miles in.Without work commitments Stevie is responsible for pretty much everything else in the festive period- walking the dog, household chores and seeing family and friends,Continue reading “A Festive 500km: Part 2, Stevie”

A Festive 500km: Part 1, Laura

The truth is there will never be a “training starts here” for our Round the World Challenge. “Training” is an ongoing process and has been going on since we first learnt to ride bikes. Winter is a tricky time to be motivated and finding reasons to ride is key to getting the winter miles in.Continue reading “A Festive 500km: Part 1, Laura”

Let training begin…

I am frantically fumbling with the valve cap on my back wheel, clumsily trying to get the hand pump attached whilst I can still just about grip through my numb, icy fingers. I am soaked through and cold, hungry and tired after only a few hours sleep and wrestling to get my rear wheel punctureContinue reading “Let training begin…”