To enable us to get to the start line we are seeking help in the form of sponsorship from companies and businesses. We hope this will enable us to donate as much as possible throughout and after the attempt to our chosen charities. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, in sponsoring our event please get in touch on the contact page!

We are immensely proud to be representing HUUB , the premium endurance sport and wetsuit brand with roots in triathlon but with an impressive range of cycling apparel of their own. They have an ethos of continuous improvement and deliverance of speed in all their products and their innovative designs are guaranteed to give us the gear we need to cycle around the World. They are a local business, based in Derby, and this gives us a unique opportunity to work with HUUBs CEO to custom design kit…and our record breaking tandem! The designs are still a work in progress but watch this space…

Will do yoga for sponsorship…

Wow! It took a bit of doing as they are such an amazing company the number of requests they get is massive, but we are delighted to say that Alpkit are supporting us with camping kit!

They are a truly awesome outdoor brand and supply pretty much everything you need to get outside, including their own bike brand “Sonder” (they just don’t quite make a coupled tandem… yet…) Their ethos of #goniceplacesdogoodthings is just such a great way to inspire people to get outside and have fun- just like we would like to too and they are also highly ethical as a B Corp company in terms of sustainability and have a repair service as well as doing loads to support community projects around the UK. But as well as all this, their kit is just great- intelligently designed, made by real people, rigorously tested and the quality and durability speaks for itself with their Alpine Bond where they guarantee to look after their products and us! Their kit will truly be put to the test around the World and can’t wait to report back on how we get along.

We have been using Exustar clothing and equipment for a number of years and when it was suggested that SPD sandals would be the way forward in the hotter and wetter climates of our trip we knew their products would be ones for the job! “Performance in motion,” says it all and kitting us out with some rather fantastic SPD sandals as well as some light as a feather helmets and super cool jersey. Their support will help us not only on our record-breaking ride but also in the miles of training in the lead up to the big event.

When I spotted the Erro panniers online I knew they were just the sort of thing we needed to get our gear 18,000 miles around the World! Cycle Touring Life is actually based in Canada but have experience cycle touring and bike packing all over the World! They are exclusive distributors of WOHO XTouring bike packing gear and not only sell loads of other products from saddles to sleeping bags but have the expertise to help anyone gear up and go! Just see their Bicycle Touring 101 article.

We are really pleased to be working with such amazing brands and hope together we can inspire lots more people to go and find their adventure of a lifetime too!

We have invaluable support from the Tandem Experience and Tandem Shop, the UK’s premier tandem shop who have an absolute wealth of experience with all things tandem! They have supported other Round the World adventures and are current Luke Grenfell-Shaw who is tandeming from Bristol to Beijing. Not only are they supplying our custom made, coupled, Co-Motion tandem for the ride but will be helping source parts and spares for the trip- you wouldn’t believe how many brake pads we will get through and who else would know how many miles a tandem back wheel lasts!

Their sister company Bicycles by Design supplies hand built bespoke steel and made to measure frames for solo bikes and they have over 100years experience in the industry- this is not your average biker shop!

Co-motion cycles is a World-renowned leader in tandem bicycle building and at time of writing the only manufacturer in the UK where we can get the essential “couplings” to allow the bike to split into two for travelling. Their support has been invaluable in getting the custom made machine we need and we will be riding a bespoke version of their ultimate adventure tandem; the Java.

They are an American company based in Oregon, but the steel frame has been handmade in the UK before shipped for assembly. The fantastic people at the Tandem Shop have then built the bike at their shop in Telford- a mecca for all thing tandem.

18,000 miles is a long time to sit on a saddle… so we knew we needed the best! Having been hand crafting saddles since 1866 Brooks England certainly has the experience in making durable and comfortable saddles that are also stylist and versatile. Many people are initially horrified that we do all of our long distance ride on what appear to be hard bits of leather but what they fail to understand is the design and processing that goes into making each and every saddle means they form around your anatomy, creating and inverse of your shape and the best custom fit you could ask for!

Schwalbe were always going to be the obvious choice for tires on our trip and we were delighted when they offered to support us with spare tires, tube and rim tape. Most of our bikes have Schwalbe tires fitted and when we need reliability and endurance we would not be without the Marathon plus tires which are almost practically puncture proof! They are the bike tire specialists so we know we can trust their products to get us around the World and their inner tubes are 100% recyclable too which is pretty cool!

We were delighted to be invited on the “Inside Derby” Podcast by James and had a great chat about our plans. James is also the founder of Aristotle Financial Planning and had very kindly provided sponsorship towards our trip. Got to the media page to find the links to our podcast with him!

We are extremely grateful to our first Sponsors: Sarah Smith Cardiology and Etwall Vets who are not only supporting us on our journey but also enabling Laura to take the time away from Veterinary work to take on this amazing challenge.

We will undoubtedly be cheered on by staff, clients and maybe patients alike along the way.

Epic Ride Weather is a snazzy little app that gives you a personalised weather forecast for your ride based on your route (from Ride With GPS, strava etc) and time of your ride. It factors in wind direction, “feels like” temperatures and the likelihood of getting soaked making it a really useful planning tool when out all day. We were delighted to find out it works all around the World and will be an invaluable tool in deciding what to wear and whether to keep the waterproof handy. We can’t wait to test it out around the World!

We’ve been using a few different apps/sites to plan our route but the one that has performed the best for long distance, great features and ease of use has been Ride With GPS and their premium subscription gives us the tools we need to navigate around the planet! All our (potential) routes are in this collection, but as we have the app on our phones we can (and do) reserve the right to make changes on the road!

Where would a couple of thirsty cyclists be without a bit of refreshment? Our local micropub, the Hole in the Wall supplies us with the wonderful beer of Derby Brewing Co. which are just what we need after a hard ride. They have great community spirit and we are looking forward to having them and their clientele follow us around the World from the comfort of a bar stool!

Another local business we are really pleased to work with is Village Biltong. Biltong makes for the ultimate power protein snack and is a great way of fuelling and recovery. It is handmade using local Derbyshire beef only a couple of miles up the road from us but has the potential to power us around the World!

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