The Book!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our book…

A Record-Breaking Tandem Ride Around The World In 180 Days

On 5th June 2022, husband and wife team Stevie and Laura (SteLa Tandem) set off from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, planning on being the fastest tandem bicycle around the


180 days later, and after battling monsoons, sickness, border closures and motorcycle collisions, they arrived back where they started, with a Guinness World Record.

Cycling over 18,000 miles through 21 countries and spending 6 months self-supported and on the same bicycle as their spouse was their biggest challenge yet, testing their endurance and commitment to the limit.

The excitement of their trip culminated in the last 24 hours; their record attempt hanging in the balance with incessant ailments, a broken back wheel and battling blizzards to reach the finish line.

This is Laura’s story, told from the backseat of the bicycle, about what it took to implement a record-breaking ride around the world on a bicycle made for two!

A tale of human endeavour, of visualising a dream and making it reality.

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