The Challenge

To cycle around the World, on a tandem bicycle in 180 days setting a new World Record.


In reality this will mean averaging over 100 miles a day over 4 continents, 22 countries, supporting ourselves on the road. We will have to cover at least 18,000 miles, travelling in the same direction (West to East in our case) and travelling through two antipodean (opposite) points on the planet. We will need to take flights over some of the oceans that will get in our way but are committed to travel over as much of the land masses as possible on our bicycle.

The current tandem record is held by TandemWoW an amazing pair of women who completed the circumnavigation in 263 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes. Jenny Graham and Mark Beaumont hold the women’s and men’s record in 124 and 79 days respectively.

We will be supporting ourselves, carrying everything we need on the bicycle and finding food, water and shelter along the way. This will often involve camping wild so we will be carrying camping and cooking equipment along with everything else we need to survive 6 months on a bicycle.

Consideration will obviously have to be given to the COVID 19 situation, but having had all our vaccines and by following local Covid rules we hope to travel safely.

Also, as much as by cycling we must have one of the most environmentally friend ways of seeing the world, we will be looking to offsetting the carbon from our flights and any other consumption along the way.

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