About us

We are a husband and wife team with a passion for adventure, bicycles and testing our limits…

Stevie (Steven Massey): Stevie is a very experienced long-distance cyclist, having started out on his Raleigh Flyer aged 11 years he soon completed his first 100+ mile ride to York. And that was just the beginning! In his racing days he came 4th in the National 24 hour time trial championships cycling 725km in 24 hours. He is a long term member of the Audax UK long-distance cycling club and has completed more rides than he can remember including London-Edinburgh-London and Paris-Brest-Paris often finishing in the top 5%. He has also ridden Derby-Lands End-John O’Groat’s-Derby unsupported in 9.5 days, the average keen cyclist taking 10-14 days to complete end to end in one direction! He is on his way back from the moon in terms of mileage having ridden over 250,000 miles in his lifetime. He maintains and services all of our extensive collection of bicycles and there are very few issues he can’t fix on the roadside. His experience, stamina and knowledge are often key to our success and he heads up our tandem as Captain on the front.

He also has an exceptionally long beard!

Laura (Laura Massey-Pugh): Laura has ridden bicycles since a young age, commuting to school and University on two wheels. She thought her first 100 mile trip in her 20s was fairly adventurous until she met Stevie in 2015! She was quick to get the bug of long-distance cycling and within a few years of meeting Stevie and joining Audax UK had her own Super Randonneur series award; completing 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km events. She is also a Veterinary Surgeon and Chartered Manager and brought her skills of organisation, logistics and PR to ensure the success of the challenge.

She rides “stoker” on the tandem and despite popular opinion does not “have her feet up on the back” but is able to assist with navigation and nutrition as well as providing a rear-wheel drive function.

Oh and she does a little bit of running too on occasion… (2) Running Wainright’s Coast to Coast – YouTube

Together… We are SteLa -Ste(vie…)La(ura…) Tandem. We enjoy pushing our limits and seeing what we can achieve together. We are a strong team both supporting each other and we believe this has been key to our success in all our challenges. Some of our achievements to date include completing the Mille Pennines Audax, a 1000+km event around some of the hilliest terrain in the North in under 75 hours on tandem and Paris-Brest-Paris a 1200 km event which we completed just outside the designated time after Laura suffered illness around the course, but by sticking together we got through. Our recent “holidays” have included LeJog (Land’s End to John O’Groats) on the tandem in 10 days and hiking the Pennine Way (270 miles) in 13 days, both unsupported and mostly under canvas.

In September 2021 we were finishers at All Points North, an ultra-cycling event covering most of the North of England in 79.5hours. We are the only tandem to have ever attempted and completed the event and it was a tremendous achievement. Here’s our film from the ride:

Our successes in these more adventures have given us the confidence that we have the spirit and experience to commit to the challenge ahead.

We have spoken at SHAFF (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival) about our preparations:

Our blog of our previous trips is available here: https://wordpress.com/home/thepostlockdownadventuresoflauraandstevie.wordpress.com

Our Paris Brest Paris dot watching event is here:


Our Mille Pennine event page is here: