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Sustrans is a UK walking and cycling charity and custodian of the National Cycle Network. Its flagship project is the National Cycle Network, which has created 12,763 miles of signed cycle routes throughout the UK including 5,273 mi of traffic-free paths.

What more appropriate charity to support than one that wants to get as many people as possible on their bicycles! We may be setting our sights high, but we still believe in the value in everyone getting involved in self propelled movement be it on a bicycle, on foot or by any other means. Seeing the World at the speed of a bicycle will be a life changing experience, but there is so much to see closer to home and Sustrans make this all so much more accessible through its National Cycle Network. Unlike many of the countries we will visit, we a extremely lucky to have such a Network of on a off road paths and trails and the work Sustrans do to maintain and develop these routes truly makes a difference in helping get so many more people out and about. The benefits of more people cycling are numerous and include fitness and health, environmental, supporting local businesses, improved mental health, road awareness and sense, responsibility for yourself, others and the environment and reducing the number of frustrated people in little metal boxes on the roads!

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Mind, the mental health charity, provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. They won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.

We are keen to support Mind as mental health problems affect so many people, especially in the difficult times we have been faced with recently. Our endurance challenge will require a lot of mental fortitude, but so many people are battling much greater mental health challenges everyday. We hope our ride will not only help support this amazing charity but will also inspire others to take on their own adventures and show how even the biggest challenges can be tackled one step (or pedal) at a time.

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Vetlife is an independent, confidential and free help for everyone in the veterinary community including veterinary nurses and students. Our charity provides a 24/7 phone and email helpline; professional mental health support; financial assistance; information and resources.

Working as a Veterinary Surgeon, Laura is keenly aware of the challenges faced by the Veterinary Industry especially in terms of the mental health crisis. To those outside the industry it may come as a shock that some reports have found Vets to be four times more likely to commit suicide than the general population average. The reasons for this and factors involved are complex, but whatever the cause it is undeniable that your profession should not put you at risk of severe mental health problems. Vetlife provides a, sometimes literal, lifeline to those in crisis in all roles in the Veterinary profession and is a crucial resource to try and help those in need. This charity is a very personal choice having witnessed the devastating effects of mental health problems on colleagues and friends, but for those outside the profession a large percentage will be pet owners and the healthier and happier we can keep our Vets and their teams the better they will be able to care for our pets.

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