Week 16 Bellata to Waipara

Day 107 After a rather comfortable night camping at the golf club we were up before the dawn to make a good start.  A short push to Moree for second breakfast and then we got stuck in.Flat terrain and cross head/tailwinds continued to make the road conditions more interesting and it began to heat upContinue reading “Week 16 Bellata to Waipara”

What really happened at the Railway Barracks…

It was only in the time after we left things seemed to piece together…our memories are strangley vague…almost dreamlike… and maybe we are wrong..maybe the exertion is getting to us…or maybe, sometimes, things cannot always be explained… We often book accommodation ahead, especially when options were limited so when we spotted a hotel in Binnaway,Continue reading “What really happened at the Railway Barracks…”

Week 15 Melbourne to Bellata

Day 100 Wow! 100 days on the road!! After a great night’s sleep and a great start from Liz and Shane’s in Melbourne we started to make our way past skyscrapers and trams in the centre of Melbourne.  It seemed relatively quiet for a Monday morning though and we were soon I  suburbia. Weaving ourContinue reading “Week 15 Melbourne to Bellata”

Week 14 Port Augusta to Melbourne

Day 93 A rather large motel room breakfast ( it’s amazing what you can make with a toaster and a microwave…) we started the slog from Port Augusta to Horrocks Pass.  It was a gentle slope but the headwind was back and we were crawling.  The hills reared ahead with green finger-like proturberances like aContinue reading “Week 14 Port Augusta to Melbourne”

Week 12 Cranbrook to Madura

Day 78 After the excitement of yesterday (new country, kangaroos etc) it felt like a toughie today…but that might have been the nagging headwind too! On the road it was pretty pastoral with Merino sheep flocks staring at us concertedly.. they are much more skittish than the UK! The first  roadhouse provided piping hot meatContinue reading “Week 12 Cranbrook to Madura”

Week 9 Kolkata to a beach in Thailand somewhere (Bang Saphan)

Day 58 Country number 11! Waiting at the airport in Kolkata we had felt slightly stunned to have made it there with our boxes and GI systems intact were delighted to see the 2nd European faces we’d seen in India- and they we cycle Touring too! Although not on the same flights, but heading toContinue reading “Week 9 Kolkata to a beach in Thailand somewhere (Bang Saphan)”