Book Launch!

We are extremely excited to announce… Our first book launch! Thursday 9th November, hosted by HUUB Design before heading to The Hole In The Wall. Books will be available for purchase and signing and there will be cake and beer too! Attendance is FREE but book your place now to ensure we have space!…/stela-tandem-book-launch…Continue reading “Book Launch!”

Week 26 Lasne, Belgium to…The Brandenberg Gate, Berlin!

Day 176 After a late finish yesterday it was hard to get an early start from the cottage and we decided not to wake ourselves up with the cobbled section and pottered down to the metalled road. Weaving our way back to the route the weather was decidedly damp and with intermittent light showers weContinue reading “Week 26 Lasne, Belgium to…The Brandenberg Gate, Berlin!”

Week 25 Hendaye, France to Lasne, Belgium

Day 169 There’s nothing quite like having to put on yesterday’s wet shoes… We’d done a pretty good job getting as much as possible dry in the “bijou” hotel room but there is only so much to be done when as soaked as we were last night! We weren’t feeling the most energetic either andContinue reading “Week 25 Hendaye, France to Lasne, Belgium”

Week 23 Montmagny to Halifax

Day 156 Almost a perfect day… We started out into a great tailwind and flew up alongside the St Lawrence River. Treating ourselves especially to a McDonald’s second breakfast 40miles in before being blown up river to Riviere du Loup. The rain clouds were in front of us and the big skies in Canada wereContinue reading “Week 23 Montmagny to Halifax”

Week 22 Mactier to Montmagny

Day 149 Feeling slightly guilty putting on 2 pairs of sock, a pair of shoes and then shoe covers in front on Barefoot Sue’s wonderfully healthy bare feet we set out into a very reasonable temperature this morning.  Beautiful  scenery again alongside lakes and with Autumn colours lingering on.  Halloween is a big deal hereContinue reading “Week 22 Mactier to Montmagny”

Week 21 Thunder Bay to Mactier

Day 142 We’ve made a tactical decision… The irony of being woken up by a thunderstorm in Thunder Bay was not lost on us early this morning… …hoping that it was still the early hours more disappointment came when the alarm went off 10minutes later and after late night of admin and drive belt changesContinue reading “Week 21 Thunder Bay to Mactier”