Bye Bye RRTY

RRTY= Randonneur Round the Year, it is a fairly simple concept of an award run by Audax UK:  You ride 1 calendar (organised ride on a specific date), permanent (set route/ride, but on a date of your choosing) or DIY (route and date dictated by yourself, but meeting specific criteria) event of at least 200km for 12 months consecutively.  Simples.  WeContinue reading “Bye Bye RRTY”

A Running Joke?

Me? Running? Surely that must be a joke… but it’s gone midday and there’s a serious message behind this… So, inspiration and material for blog posts about tandeming has been hard to come by these past few months, but I have to confess to having something else on my mind too: Running. Now, to sayContinue reading “A Running Joke?”